Chirag is Building a Legacy [CanvasRebel]

Feb 22, 2024
Chirag is Building a Legacy [CanvasRebel]

We caught up with the brilliant and insightful Chirag Shah a few weeks ago and have shared our conversation below.

Chirag, thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us today What sort of legacy are you hoping to build. What do you think people will say about you after you are gone, what do you hope to be remembered for?

I want to leave a meaningful, impactful legacy as simple as “There goes Chirag, and he’s helped one person. It’s as easy as that!”

I believe in making a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small or big, as it has a ripple effect that can lead to positive change in the world. When I am gone, I hope people will remember me for my compassion, empathy, and willingness to lend a helping hand. I aspire to be known as someone who positively impacted individuals and the community, even if it was in the life of just one person. My desire is not for grand accolades or widespread recognition; instead, I wish to be remembered for the meaningful connections I forged and the positive change I brought to others’ lives.

In my journey to build this legacy, I strive to be authentic and genuine in my interactions with others. I want to listen with an open heart, understand people’s struggles, and offer support and encouragement wherever possible. By doing so, I aim to inspire others to do the same, creating a chain of kindness and compassion that transcends generations.

Whether offering a helping hand to a friend in need, volunteering in the community, or simply being there to lend an ear and a caring heart, I want to leave a mark of positivity in this world. If my life can be measured by the number of lives I’ve touched and improved, I would consider it well-lived.

Ultimately, I seek to be remembered as someone who made the world a bit brighter, one person at a time. If I can be the reason for even one person’s smile or success, my purpose will be fulfilled, and my legacy will endure through the lives I’ve touched and the goodness I’ve shared.

Chirag Shah with Equality Florida's Stephanie Schwartz.
Chirag Shah with Big Brother Big Sisters of the Big Bend's Erin Warner and Molly Lord.
Chirag, love having you share your insights with us. Before we ask you more questions, maybe you can take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers who might have missed our earlier conversations?

Made Equal Clothing Co. is an inclusive community and clothing brand dedicated to embracing diversity and showcasing tales of resilience, aiming to ignite inspiration within all.

Throughout the majority of my life, I held the belief that expressing emotions and seeking help were signs of weakness. Perhaps this mindset was influenced by my Indian culture or the media’s portrayal of what defines a “real” man. With this realization, I envisioned Made Equal Clothing Co. as more than just a clothing brand; I saw it as a platform.

Foremost, we are a platform that encourages individuals from all walks of life to share their vulnerabilities in a safe and supportive environment. Our mission is to provide a space where people can openly talk about their adversities and inspire at least one person in a similar situation.

At Made Equal Clothing Co., we recognize the power of storytelling and its impact on fostering empathy and understanding. We believe that vulnerability can be a strength, and by creating a safe place for individuals to discuss their struggles and challenges, we aim to break the barriers that prevent open dialogue and connection among people. We celebrate the diversity of stories and perspectives, acknowledging that each individual’s journey is unique and deserves respect. Through our platform, we encourage people to open up about their adversities, which can lead to building deeper connections and finding solace in shared experiences.

Made Equal Clothing Co. strives to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change. Together, we can create a space where vulnerability and adversity are celebrated and individuals are empowered to embrace their authentic selves. We aim to make a difference in people’s lives, one story at a time.

We also take pride in being a streetwear clothing brand offering diverse products designed to elevate your style. Our collection includes trendy t-shirts, cozy sweatshirts, stylish joggers, fashionable hats, comfortable socks, and trendy sneakers. Whether you’re looking for a casual and relaxed look or want to make a bold fashion statement, we’ve got you covered with our high-quality streetwear essentials.

We work with companies, nonprofits, and other organizations to address racism, diversity, and equality on a community-wide scale. We donate 10% of every order to our partners working day and night to bring this positive change.

Made Equal Clothing Co. partnering up with Ology Coffee Co., Koffee with Keith, and Royal Diaspora Coffee Company for a company dialogue on diversity and inclusion.
Friends of Made Equal Clothing Co. at a Village Square Community Event.
How did you build your audience on social media?

Building my social media audience was a journey of learning and perseverance. I started by identifying my niche and target audience and creating consistent, engaging content resonating with them.

One of the crucial elements in building my social media presence was active engagement with my followers. I made it a priority to respond to comments, messages, and mentions, as it showed appreciation for their support and helped establish a genuine connection with my audience.

Collaborations with like-minded creators and NIL partnerships with student-athletes in my niche significantly expanded my audience. Through these collaborations, we mutually benefited from cross-promotion, tapping into each other’s audiences and broadening our reach.

For those building their social media presence, define your brand, know your audience, be authentic, be consistent, and stay patient. Focus on creating meaningful connections and providing value to foster a positive and engaging online community.

Chirag Shah with Florida State University Softball's Michaela Edenfield.
Savannah Swindle and Chirag Shah with Kansas State University's Treshaun Ward.
Let’s talk about resilience next – do you have a story you can share with us?

In the face of parental expectations and the prospect of inheriting the family business, I displayed remarkable resiliency by pursuing my entrepreneurial dream of starting a marketing agency. When I approached my parents with this idea, they questioned my decision, suggesting that managing their business would secure my future. However, I stood my ground, respectfully reminding them of their incredible journey from India with minimal resources to owning several successful businesses in Florida.

I firmly believed I could build upon their legacy and achieve even greater heights. With a college education, technological proficiency, and a love for everyone, I knew I had the tools to succeed. My quick and determined reply resonated with them, as they knew deep down that I had the potential to surpass their achievements.

Although initially hesitant, my parents eventually offered their full support, further fueling my determination. I stepped out of my comfort zone, started my first business, and made my dream a reality. This pivotal moment showcased my unwavering resiliency in the face of familial expectations and empowered me to carve my path as an entrepreneur.

I am a testament to the strength of resiliency and the power of pursuing one’s dreams despite external pressures. I have embraced challenges, stayed true to my vision, and proved that with determination and self-belief, anything is possible. A marketing agency, clothing brand/community platform, and a nonprofit on anti-bullying are just the beginning of my journey of world domination of helping as many people as possible.

Michaela Edenfield wearing our Logo Tee.
Treshaun Ward wearing our Logo Statement Tee.

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